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Partner Organization

Equal Access America can ensure both quality and affordability because of our partner organization. We partnered with LegalShield, a reputable company that has offered quality legal services since 1972. LegalShield has been providing legal coverage to North America for the past 40 years, and now serves 1.4 million families in 49 states and 4 Canadian providences. LegalShield also provides affordable identity theft protection.

How Does LegalShield Ensure Quality?

LegalShield employs a dedicated attorney network of 6,900 attorneys with an average of 19 years experience. LegalShield pays the attorneys in advance so they are obligated to give you expedient and quality council. All of the attorneys working with LegalShield must be in good standing with their state’s bar association and align to LegalShield’s expectation of quality member service. In addition, LegalShield collaborates with the top identity theft agency, Kroll Identity Theft Solutions, to give members the optimum identity theft protection.

How Does It Work?

LegalShield has partnerships with expert law firms in each participating state and province. LegalShield’s network of law firms receive a combined total of approximately 40,000 calls from around North America every week.

Members can call their specified law firm and get legal advice and expertise from a lawyer about any legal matter, from the trivial to the traumatic. Other benefits include having the ability to create a will, dispute traffic tickets and moving violations, use trial defense hours for civil lawsuits, and much more. What makes LegalShield so unique is its commitment to providing legal coverage that allows every American to worry less and live more.

LegalShield’s Legal Plans are designed for everyone, from college students to senior citizens. With legal plans starting at just $20 a month, you can receive quality legal coverage for yourself, your family and/or your small business without the traditional legal fees.

LegalShield also has an Identity Theft Protection Plan that offers you continuous monitoring and email activity alerts from a dedicated Licensed Investigator at Kroll who performs comprehensive ID restoration services on your behalf.

How Can I Get Coverage?

LegalShield’s various Legal Plans and Identity Theft Protection Plan provide both protection and security for all Americans. If you are interested in getting covered or learning more about Legalshield’s Legal Plans and Identity Theft Protection Plan, please click the button below.