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    Let’s Cover America!

    Are you interested in narrowing the disparity between
    those who can afford quality legal coverage and identity
    theft protection and those who don’t? If you do, then you
    may be interested in joining the Equal Access America Team.

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Joining The Team

The benefits of becoming a LegalShield member are plenty. However, there are even greater benefits that come with being a team member with this campaign. In addition to having all of the advantages of being a member, team members gain the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. The basis of their business is to secure LegalShield memberships. Team members set their own schedule, create their own business plan and market to whomever they choose, within a community of other motivated entrepreneurs. LegalShield believes that all of its team members are in a “business for themselves, but not by themselves” and there are many structures that ensure that.

Training and Support

All interested team members will enroll into Basic Training class to gain a comprehensive understanding of the product, tips on building a successful business and learn abut the compensation opportunities. There is also an option for advanced training for different types of product offerings. Due to the extensive amount of support, there are many successful team members. These successful entrepreneurs choose to mentor new team members as they build their businesses through conference calls, meetings, speaking events and more.

Getting Started

In order to be a part of the team, there is a minimal one-time fee of $149.00. This fee includes:

1. Your Business in A Box, Team Member Kit
2. Comprehensive Training Program
3. Support of Sponsor and Team
4. Online Back Office
5. Team Member Support Center
6. Benefit Plan Membership

This is a simple investment for a entrepreneurial opportunity that will provide a chance to help others access legal coverage and identity theft protection, a vehicle to financial freedom, and a flexible schedule. This is an opportunity of a lifetime.